Finally online!

Girls and guys we’re finally online on the App Store!
You can find my first products…they have to grow up, off course, but this is a great beginning.

I believe comments are basic…visit “What’s on the App Store…” page and leave one!


One thought on “Finally online!

  1. Hi

    My name is Vikram and I am the Managing Director of a mobile applications company called Aich Technologies( which has its headquarters in Pune ,India.We are a company working on iPhone/Android and iPad development.

    My company specializes in offshore software development,design,testing and maintenance for our clients based in North America,Europe and APAC.Most of my consultants have more than 8 years experience in their related areas, with excellent communication skills to engage with our clients on an ongoing basis.
    My company has a history of meeting delivery times, and the large number of repeat customers would prove the fact.We have more than 40 applications on the App Store and a similar number of applications on the Android platform.

    Advantages my company offers you:

    1.Cost savings of up to 70% on your operations.
    2.We would act as an extension of your development team, from India,ensuring that you can scale up your technical capabilities as and when needed without having to invest heavily into internal operations.
    3.You would have access to experts in iPhone/Android/iPad technologies, at all points of your business cycle.
    4.We would enable you to focus on your core development and pass on the non core, time consuming development work to us,thereby doubling your efficiency.

    Do let me know if this is an engagement you would like to explore.

    I will await your response.


    Skype: vikramaich

    Following are the apps that we have developed on the iPhone/iPad and Android platform:

    ipad Applications –
    1) Drainspotting Extras: Japanese Manhole covers (iPad)

    2) Scar cinematic Novel v1 (iPad)

    3) Le Menu

    4) Hotel Room Service

    5) Count your Peas

    6) Chisenbop

    iPhone Applications – – Tastebook – Thugshotz – Thugshotz celebrity – Punchline Guesser – Whirl – Seasons Greetings – GreenIT – Up in smoke – iPrescription – Survey Inc – H & P – Virtual Tape Calculator – Dog Talk – Phonephix – GMAT Express – Dog & Puppy Shake – Fun facts & trainer truth – Santa Mega ( – Moonga

    Android applications – – Up in Smoke – Punchline Guesser – GMAT,LSAT,GRE,etc flash-card apps – Season’s Greetings – Whirl – Padkite – Geometry Eye


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